Zapbeauty™ Cryotherapy Wand



✅Skin Tightening
✅Helps Swelling Areas
✅Anti Inflammation
✅Remove Wrinkles
✅Shrink Pores
✅Expand Pores
✅Eliminate Dark Spots
✅Detoxifies Skin
✅Repairs Skin

Cryotherapy Wand is a beauty machine that uses hot and cold treatments to improve the entire skin structure. Switch between two different modes to get all the benefits. Benefits include skin tightening, facial lift, shrink pores, remove eye bags, and dark circles. When using both features hot and cold, you can thoroughly activate the cells, improve the overall skin texture. Cryotherapy wand uses a light vibration massage, so you will always get a pleasant feeling and enjoy using it!

Cold Treatment Blue Light(5-10°C )

This treatment uses 5-10 ℃ sustained temperature to shrink pores, lock-in water of the skin, improve collagen fiber, increase skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles and crow's feet, reduce metabolic rate, eliminate skin swelling, and reduce pain. Used exclusively for healing sensitive skin. It softens sensitive skin, soothes and relieves pain. Massage facial muscles through the particles.

Hot Treatment Red Light(40-45°C)

With a sustained temperature of 40-45 °C, you promote blood circulation, accelerate the absorption of nutrients, accelerate metabolism, eliminate toxins, eliminate ocular and dark circles, and remove wrinkles. Red light treatment can create a warm sensation. This warm feeling will make you feel comfortable, relax muscle, relieve pain and soreness. This treatment is also ideal for applying any topical treatments as it enhances absorption rate therefore maximizing the benefits.

Safety: Simple and safe to use. Specifically designed to evenly distribute the heat to avoid burns. Easy to use and the small size makes it convenient for daily skin care because you can carry it anywhere!

Returns & Warranty

WORRY LESS, because all Zapbeauty™ products come with a 12 month warranty and 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Below is some information on how it works:

Should your decide within 90 days (of delivery date) that you do not like the product, your entitled to send it back for a refund or exchange!

When you return you will be eligible for:

1. An exchange (of equal value to your original order) or

2. A refund on the order (less shipping cost). 

To be eligible for the 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, you must meet the following criteria:

- Item must be in the original packaging and must not be damaged.

- Return must be initiated within 90 days of delivery.

- Return shipping is the customer responsibility.

- Shipping cost is not refundable.

- Return must be approved by customer support (do not send back to the address on your package).

To return your product, please email us

All Zapbeauty products come with a 12 month warranty.

Should your product arrive and you notice it doesn't work or function correctly or is somehow broken, we will send you a replacement 100% FREE!
This warranty covers a max of two replacements within one year from the date you received your order.
Zapbeauty warranty does not cover physical damage from misuse or accidental damage to the product.
After two replacements are issued, you have the option for store credit.

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